the Eater

the Eater is a two-channel, interactive video installation. This version of the piece is a single-channel video that presents a simulation of the physical installation. "the Eater" deals with the harvesting and consumption of experience, transforming it into personal memory. On opposing walls, a video of "the Eater" is coupled with a sequence of memory images that must literally be consumed in order to preserve them. The abstracted images resist referencing any particular event, but rather represent the lived-in time of the artist's multiple journeys between Korea and America. Within this piece, the act of eating of one's own memory exhibits a cannibalistic consumption that alludes to the destructive potential of memory when it becomes internalized. A sound-scape that becomes suddenly violent, as "the Eater" seizes a memory in her desire to consume it, augments this feeling of unease.

Collection on Simultan Media

Still Images from the Eater