November 3rd [2006]

November 3rd explores the residual effects of the patriarchal Korean society. November 3rd marks the date of my father's death and thus the end of immediate paternal authority. A book of poetry authored by my father serves as both the structure for the piece as well as a stand-in for his presence. The book references not only his physical absence, but also the persistent presence of his thoughts, values, teaching and authority. Woven into the pages of the text is a video documentation of a traditional Korean punishment. Recalling this childhood ritual has new significance as I, in my father's absence, metaphorically punish myself for straying from his traditional values after his death. This punishment is interspersed with a second video where I am costumed in a Han-Bok, a Korean ceremonial gown, explores similar themes of enforced obedience. The performance is built around a destructive act. Cutting the Han-Bok while it is being worn, the erasure of Korean tradition from the physical body, acknowledges a failure to adhere to the rules of cultural performance.

Still Images from November 3rd